Artist Statement

Vedanta du Mas



I am interested in the relationship between our past, the personal paths we have chosen, and who we are as individuals within our shared social structure. I think about the personal conflict we all experience to do better for ourselves as well as those around us to bring a better world within our reach. Achieving this often requires personal sacrifice for which the process of realization alone takes a very long road. I am keenly aware of how integrated histories form common threads across time and how parallel myths provide the framework in which we live out our lives.

My artwork often takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues. In my work, I attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct the notion of the ‘American Dream.’ Living with the modern construct of social media pulling us from what are we being told and how it measures up to the events we are seeing everyday around the world thrusting the dissonance into perspective. I often look to my surroundings, the people I interact with, and the synergy of life that unfolds before me. I am captivated by the beauty, devastation, and mystery of awareness as well as the parallels that exist, then farther still to the concept of our individual and collective awakenings.

My work will often present a comforting image to draw the viewer deeper into the work. Like the tightly held bud of a flower, which slowly unfold their petals to reveal their beauty and fragrance, I connect the idea of introspection and the unconscious. As we examine the world around us, it too will unfold, like our consciousness, presenting its true form.